Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Beetroot Juice

Drinking this very easy and cost effective juice can help reduce your blood pressure. This juice is an excellent cleanser and has a high content of iron. In blending you will use all of the vegetables, nothing is thrown away and the drink will have a smoothie type texture. Beetroot should only be used in its raw state. Beet juice imparts little or no flavor to foods, so it can be a better choice than other natural red food. The more juice used, the darker the resulting color. Beet juice stains, so be careful to protect countertops with a piece of plastic or a sheet of newspaper.IMG_20140325_132901-001

Prep time: 20 mins|Serves: 2 persons
Cuisine :Indian 
2 cups
Pomegranate pearls
½  cup
Spinach leaves
5 leaves
as per ur taste
2” piece
Lemon Zest
1 tsp(grated)
3-4 cups

1. Prepare beetroot juice with fresh beetroots.Wash the beets thoroughly with water.Slice the Beetroot into discs and then into strips.I do like the way the beets taste in this juice though. beet juice-0012. They blend in beautifully with the sweetness of pomegranate pearls and the spiciness of the ginger.  For some reason, I love ginger in my juices, as it lends such a spicy kick to your juice. This is totally optional for people who don’t like ginger smell.I added few leaves of spinach for my taste. IMG_20140325_131530-0013.Now blend everything. Filter through a strainer or cloth to give up their juice.Enjoy your healthy vegetable drink. Serve is a tall glass with the grated lemon zest. Chill and serve
Do not drink beet juice in great quantities as it is very powerful and can make you feel sick. The pomegranate sweetens the juice, giving it more juice.


  1. yummy i too prepared bt in different way!!!!!!!
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    1. Oh god! what a colourful drink. Who will say no to this refreshing drink. I am not.

  3. Healthy and inviting juice!

  4. sooo goooooood.. such a healthy combo of ingredients... love it sis :)

  5. Colorful and healthy drink..

  6. this is really a nice drink enriched of iron
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    1. Thanks Soniya...Will do check this link and try some drinks for my family.

  7. yummy I feel like finished that glass right away I am loving it :)

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