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Fried Sesame Prawns(My Guest Post-Usha Rani)

I am so happy to invite my co-blogger Usha Rani (, guest in my blog.There are lots of bloggers who does excel in Cooking. I admire all of them who take up interest and share their recipes with us. Anyways I am very much thankful to you.Usha Rani too is a lovely blogger to me. Such a lovely friend who shares and if I have any doubts, she gives a clear explanation. She too managing everything with two little kids and a good photographer. All comes out when they are inspired and passionate in cooking. I say you too All the best for the forthcoming up recipes.

Here She (Usha Rani) goes…..

It`s Friday. So, another guest post of mine in co-blog. Today. Iam sharing a hot n spicy recipe in a sweet person cute blog.She is Shobana who shares recipes in Shoba’s Delight..a lovely wife, DIL and proud mother of two little kids. Recently she started food blog and moving very friendly with co-bloggers. Even I met her through FB and every time she chats with love and fun. I love her recipes and admires on her innovative recipes like Basil paratha, Yam vada.Such a creative lady she is!!!When I asked about my guest post party, without asking any doubts she agreed and said friendship means helping each other. Very touching words dear. She is a pure non vegetarian. So, I thought to share this spicy and crunchy prawn’s recipe in her blog. Thank you so much dear.Wish you very all the best for you and to your blog..

Summary Description

This is a different recipe to your regular deep frying prawns or prawns 65.I love to experiment with foods.Thats y played with it. Dry roast the sesame seeds before getting into process. Never imagined how the outcome will be but to my surprise my hubby liked it very much. Except the spice level. Here I got a compliment from both of them(Hubby and Mahadev)Try this next time when you have prawns in fridge.With sesame seeds will be amazing.


Category-prawns/deep fried non vegetarians/sea foods

Preparation time-20 mins

Cooking time-30 mins


Deveined cleaned shrimps(prawns)-15(med size)

To Marinate

Salt                              - to taste

Corn flour                    -2-3 tbsps.

Lemon juice                -1 tsp.

Soya sauce                  -1 tsp.(optional)

Ginger garlic paste     - 1 tsp.

Red chili powder        -1 tsp.

Coriander powder      - tsp.

Cumin powder             - 1/4 tsp.

 Egg Batter

Egg                                     - 1 big

Baking powder               -2 pinches (optional)

Toasted sesame seeds -1/8 cup (I used)

Salt                                       - small pinch

Black pepper powder    -1/4 tsp. (optional)


1. Take prawns in a colander and wash them twice/thrice. Leave it aside.Mix all the ingredients which mentioned under the category “To marinate”. Dip the prawns in this batter and mix well to coat the spices. Keep aside at least  for 20-30 minutes In another wide bowl mix EGG BATTER ingredients using fork for a good mix.Leave both the batters to set for ½ an hour.After ½ hour heat oil in a deep bottomed pan and then arrange kitchen tissue paper in a plate for placing the deep fried sesame prawns.unnamed[1]2. In deep frying oil, drop the prawns one by one which is dipped in egg batter consistency.Repeat the same process for the remaining prawns. Deep fry in batches. Around in 2 batches you can complete...Don’t crowd the pan with lots of prawns. It’s difficult to fry them. All frying portions can be done in medium flame.unnamed[2]3. Once the prawns are fried, place it in the tissue paper which we have already set aside. Your sesame prawns are ready to serve/taste.

4. Finally serve with ketchup n lemon wedge. Along with this I sliced some carrots and cucumber. So, that was the dinner.

MAHA’S Notes

1. Without sesame also you can go with the recipe. You can assume the name as prawns pakoda or prawns -65If you are adding pepper powder in egg batter, then add less red chili powder during Mari nation.

2. Be careful while adding corn flour.Don`t deep fry prawns for a long time because it is soft in nature.Addition of Soya sauce gives a kick to this prawn recipe




  1. So sweet of u dear...thanku so much 4 sharing post in ur lovely space...hope u liked it....happy weekend:)

    1. You are always welcome Usha.I am happy with ur arrival.I liked your recipe, got to try when I get shrimp next time.

  2. These look delightful!!!! Tweeting :)

  3. loved reading.. just nw i made garlic prawns for my hus.. if i had seen this before, i wd have tried this.. wl give this a try for sure.. nice post and i loved reading..

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  4. its looks delicious :) perfect starter...

  5. The prawns look so delicious and perfect starter, so crispy and yummy...


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