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Carrot Pumpkin Peels & Seeds Chutney

After cutting the pumpkin instead of throwing the peel and center part prepare tasty healthy chutney I love chutneys of all kinds.The colors, the flavor adds so much to the dish. One-quarter cup of pumpkin seeds contains nearly half of the recommended daily amount of magnesium, which participates in a wide range of vitally important physiological functions, pumping of your heart, proper bone and tooth formation, relaxation of your blood vessels, and proper bowel function.IMG_20131105_112504 
Pumpkin is a storehouse of many anti-oxidant vitamins such as vitamin-A, vitamin-C and vitamin-E.It is also rich source of minerals like copper, calcium, potassium and phosphorus.

Prep time   : 15 mins|Cook time  : 10 mins|Serves         : 4
Cuisine: Indian

Pumpkin peels
2 cups
2 no's
Pumpkin seeds
¼ cup
1 tbsp
Urad dal
1 tbsp.
Channa dal
2 tbsp.
Green chillies
2 no’s
5 cloves
Grated  coconut
¼ cup
Lemon size
Coriander leaves
To temper
2 tbsp.
Mustard seeds
½ tsp.
Cumin seeds
½ tsp.
Turmeric powder
½ tsp.
Curry leaves
I sprig
Dry red chilly
2 no
¼ tsp.
1. Peel off the skin and the seeds of Pumpkin. Wash it thoroughly and keep aside.Cut the carrot and use the carrot peels also.In a pan, put urad dal,channa dal, peanuts and fry for few minutes. Keep aside in a plate.pumpkin2. In the same pan add the green chillies  and garlic pieces. Fry for 3 minutes then add pumpkin  peels.Fry till the raw smell of the veggies disappear, about 3-4 mins app.pumpkin2 3. Now add carrot and its peel.Keep stirring for sometime. Add little water and salt .pumpkin 34. Mix well and put the lid on. Remove the lid after 5 mins and add pumpkin seeds,grated coconut and tamarind.Check all the veggies and peels got cooked properly and Keep it aside.  In the blender add roasted peanuts, urad dal and channa dal.After a  round add the cooked veggie.Grind it smoothly.Transfer this chutney in a bowl.pum 55. In a pan, take one tbsp. of edible oil and keep on the medium flame gas stove for heating. In the hot oil add the mustard seeds. When the seeds pop up, add dry red chilly,cumin seeds turmeric,curry leaves & hing powder.Pour the tempered items in the prepared chutney. Serve this as a dip or side dish. IMG_20131105_112236Notes
If you want it to be sweetish you can add a small piece of jaggery while blending.
The proportion of chillies, garlic, and salt can be varied as per taste
Keeps well for 1 - 2 days under refrigeration.

Some Information that we should know about the pumpkin seeds.

7  Top Health Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds
1.  Heart Healthy Magnesium
Magnesium has been shown to benefit your blood pressure and help prevent sudden cardiac arrest, heart attack, and stroke
2.  Zinc for Immune Support
Pumpkin seeds are a rich source of zinc. Zinc is important to your body in many ways, including immunity, cell growth and division, sleep, your senses of taste and smell, eye and skin health, insulin regulation
3.  Plant-Based Omega-3 Fats
Raw nuts and seeds, including pumpkin seeds, are one of the best sources of plant-based omega. So, while pumpkin seeds are an excellent source of omega-3 fats from animal sources
4.  Anti-Diabetic Effects
Animal studies suggest that pumpkin seeds may help improve insulin regulation and help prevent diabetic complications by decreasing oxidative stress.
5.  Benefits for Postmenopausal Women
It may lead to a significant increase in good “HDL” cholesterol along with decreases in blood pressure, hot flashes, headaches, joint pains and other menopausal symptoms in postmenopausal women.
6. Heart and Liver Health
Pumpkin seeds, rich in healthy fats, antioxidants and fibers, may provide benefits for heart and liver health
7. Restful Sleep
Pumpkin seeds are a rich source of amino acid eating pumpkin seeds a few hours before bed promote a restful night’s sleep.
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