Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Yam Vada

A light snack with a cup of tea in rainy season who will not enjoy. Try and enjoy yourself with your family and friends. Making vada using yam is the best recipe I could think of with yam, it is so tasty and whoever tastes this vada will really love a lot. By applying the coconut oil in hands would avoid the itchiness. For kids after school, wanna give some healthy snack. It’s just a filling and obviously a healthy one.
Prep time    :30 mins            |Cook time:30 mins                  |Serves:15 vadas

Yam (cut into cubes)
5 cups
Moong dal
½ cup
Crushed peanuts
3 tbsps
Soaked rice
3-4 tbsps
Green chillies
2 no’s
Grated Ginger
1 tsp.
1 cup
Fennel/ cumin seeds
1 tbsp
Cooking soda
1 tsp
Turmeric powder
½ tsp.
Curry leaves
2 sprigs
Few sprigs
Mint leaves
1/3 cup
Palak leaves
¼ cup
To taste
For deep frying

1. Peel and Wash Yam. Immerse in boiling water or in the pressure cooker until it becomes tender. Soak moong dal in water for around an hour and strain the moong dal.yam12. In a pan, fry the peanuts and keep aside. Just crush the peanuts and keep aside. Chop the mint, curry and coriander leaves. Wash the palak leaves and chop it.Keep everything ready in hand.yam2 3. Add the  soaked moong dal along with green chillies, ginger, fennel seeds and salt in the blender and grind it without adding water. (Give 2-3 times pulse mode).In a broad vessel, pour this moong dal mixture and crushed peanuts.Check out the yam in the cooker,take it out and mash it with the ladle. Mix all the other ingredients with chopped onions.yam34. If is still not thick enough or when you fry and if it is too oily add the breadcrumbs and fry it, that also adds more crispiness to vada.Make small balls and lightly flatten it on the palm of your hand to form around 2 inch thin disc and carefully leave in the hot oil.Shoba's5. Fry the yam vada till they turn  golden color on both sides.
Remove the deep fried yam vada onto an absorbent towel.Repeat the same with any remaining yam mixture.
IMG_20131031_043924 6. serve the yam vada with Date chutney, Harichutney and  ketchup. Tastes yummy.Yet with a simple masala chai(tea) will be heavenly.
Make sure not to add water while grinding the moong dal.Before frying you can coat with sesame seeds if you prefer.
Need to dip fritters/vada’s in this rice flour mix on the both the sides. Mix well and leave it in fridge for about an hour.
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