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Rose Milkshake

Rose milk is the easiest summer drink recipe which can be made in few minutes if u have cold milk in hand. All you need to do is mix the rose essence with chilled milk. In fact, if you are throwing a get together or party, gulab sharbat or rose milk would make an ideal party drink. Rose sherbet is easily available in supermarkets; all you need to do is find a perfect brand rose syrup which suits your taste.A kid friendly milkshake made with rose syrup & chilled milk. Learn how to make rose syrup recipe to prepare summer drinks recipes.
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Prep time
Boiling time
5 mins
       10  mins
 4 persons

Recipe type: Drinks

Cuisine: Indian
  • Chilled milk -2 cups (full cream milk which gives better taste)
  • Roof Afza Rose Syrup -4 tbsp.
  • Sugar -2 tbsp.
  • Ice cubes –few cubes

1. Boil the milk and leave it for cooling. After it comes to room temperature, add few drops of rose essence.

2. Refrigerate or freeze it for an hour for quicker cooling. 

3. Just mix everything and there you go with a tasty and rich rose milk drink. Serve chilled. 

1. If using rose essence, add sugar to taste. Always use filtered chilled milk.For low fat version, you can use skimmed milk.
2. You can add a scoop of vanilla or strawberry ice cream for a rich flavored milkshake.Always filter the rose milk; sometimes kids don’t like the taste of the top cream.

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  1. If using rose water, instead of essence or syrup, how much would you suggest for two cups of milk? And also how much sugar? Thanks.



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