Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Fruity Nuts Milkshake

I had apple to use before it's give up hope and one and then the idea stuck me to make milkshake along with almonds, dates and I made my plan to try it next day. But by then I had fresh batch of banana and thought of adding it along.  This shake is very good as it has high nutrition value of dates and almond and goodness of apple, banana.A diet plan thrown in and it is a foolproof idea.So as part of our meal plan,I've introduced Oats,Muesli and Fruit smoothies as part of our breakfast.Less rice intake in the form of Idli or dosa which we do have twice or thrice in a week anyway.Not used to having milkshakes as breakfast.Apple and banana along with dates taste delicious and almonds adds a wonderful crunch.  I simply loved this shake and now it has become a regular drink for me.  It's very filling making it perfect as breakfast or evening drink.  This is a creamy and healthy beverage with  a delicious taste. The recipe is quick, easy and nutritious.  Almonds along with apple gives very rich  sweet taste to the milkshake. And this milkshake  makes a cool refreshing drink for any sunny day and is a great  way to cool off in summers..!!! Combining nuts into the milkshake gives it the additional nutrition and texture as well.


Prep time        :15 mins         Cook time         :5 mins           Serves     :2




Apple(peeled &cored)




Dates syrup

1 tbsp


2 cups


1 tbsp



Cardamom powder

¼ tsp

Cinnamon powder


Pista &saffron strands

For garnishing

Ice cubes

If required


1. Peel, chop apple and banana.  Chop almonds, dates into small pieces. Keep some strands of saffron immersed in hot milk.First blend chopped apple pieces,banana,dates, almond, sugar to smooth paste adding very little milk.Blend for a minute and then addthe remaining milk.      fre1 2 Filter for smoother, creamier shake. Pour in tall glass.Garnish with saffron and pista’s.fri2 3. Serve chill with chopped almond nuts and apple slices.

IMG_20130927_171014 4. Delicious homemade milkshake ready to enjoy..!


Using frozen milk gives the milkshake a thicker texture.If you like your milkshakes not so thick,use chilled milk instead.

If you do not like almonds,substitute with cashews.

Serve chilled topped with some more cinnamon powder for extreme flavor and smell.



  1. delicious milkshake, love it...

  2. Healthy & yummy milkshake dear!! I often visited your space, but for a month I came to India for my brother's marriage. SO I left my blog too. Have to restart it again dear.. Will come to your space often :)


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