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Coconut/Thengai Poli

Poli is usually made on special occasions. Coconut poli/ Thengai poli is a traditional South Indian recipe which is almost made at every house in Tamil and during festive seasons. It’s a sweet dish which is loved by everyone for its rich taste. It is wonderful when taken hot or warm with hot milk and it is usually served as puja  prasadam. It’s very delicious! One of the great things they make there is Poli. Poli is a wonderful thing to eat, and it comes in sweet and spicy it was really good. Coconut Poli is favorite here in my house. My MIL usually makes puran Poli at the time of ugadi.She does it really well.
We have large varieties of polis but I have just made a simpler one here.Coconut Poli is a wonderful Indian recipe...!!!This delicacy is made especially during festival times. I learnt this traditional sweet recipe from my Mother-in-law.   It was so tasty and delicious and my kids couldn’t  stop having one after other. This festival favorite sweet poli can be prepared with coconut or dhal. Now I am posting coconut poli but later on I will try posting puran poli too. Have to wait for it and it can be stored for two to three days or  more days if kept in fridge.Here comes the yummy and puffy poli recipe. Hope you enjoy..!

Prep time        :45 mins   |Cook time       :20 mins   |Serves : 4 persons
Cuisine :South Indian (Festive Sweet)

 Ingredients for filling.
Grated coconut
2 cups
Powdered jaggery
1 ½  cups
Roasted channa dal
½ cup
Cardamom powder
1 tbsp.
1/4 cup (as needed)
Ingredients for dough
2 cups
Turmeric color
Add little by little
As needed
1. Mix all the dry ingredients, then add enough water to make it into a loose dough.In a bowl add powdered jaggery, grated coconut,crushed cardamom or cardamom powder and mix again. poli12. It will become watery when you mix it.Dont worry, just add some roasted channa dal(pottukadalai). Keep mixing and you will know the results.poli23.In a plastic cover add a drop of ghee and flatten the dough just a little bit, then but a large ball of the coconut filling on the middle. Flatten out just a little more, and then take the dough from all sides and fold in to make a slightly flattened ball of dough with filling inside of it. Cover it from all sides, pinch the extra dough off and roll into a ball again.poli34.  Now roll this filled ball into a circle taking care not to make it very thin as the filling might get burnt when cooked.Flatten out the entire thing so that it is around half a centimeter thick and is almost in the shape of a large circlepoli45. Now take the plastic sheet roll from the side and place it on the pan so that the side with the Poli on it is faced down. Remove the plastic sheet so that the Poli is left frying on the pan. Add the ghee at the sides and cook like chapatti.IMG_20131026_133133 5. Continuously sprinkle oil over the Poli while it’s frying, and remember to flip after a few minutes! Make some smooth balls out of Maida dough also. Roll each ball like a small circle, place the filling ball in it, cover and roll any desired size poli. Ensure filling doesn't come out.
Too much of jaggery will spoil the taste of coconut poli.
Powdered jaggery and grated coconut can be mixed just like that or in a pan  jaggery can be melted first and later add coconut. Either way you can try.


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