Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Sweet corn chaat| Chaat recipes

Sweet corn chaat is a very simple, healthy and flavorful recipe which can be prepared within few minutes and it needs just less ingredients. Chaat is a very popular street food in India. People of all ages love chaat. Sweet Corn Chaat is one of the best healthy snacks. Steamed corn with little spices and fresh lemon juice gives a tangy and lovely taste to us.It can be had as a snack and is loved by everyone. You can prepare this healthy and nutritious chaat  for your kids, when they come back from school.



Prep time

Cook time


5 mins

15 mins

2 persons


Cuisine:  Indian Chaat (Street food)

Recipe Type : Snacks ,Appetizer,Salad





1. Wash and steam corn with a little salt. Add the cooked corns in a bowl  with little black salt and other ingredients except lemon juice and red chilli powder.
Black salt gives different flavor if not available use regular salt.




2. If you like paprika add paprika powder Or red chili flakes.Here I have used just red chili powder which is all time available at home.finally before serving add a few drops of lemon juice.




3. Toss them with a spoon.Lastly squeeze lime juice and serve the chaat.





Frozen corns and Indian corn can also be used to prepare this recipe.
.I have used canned variety which doesn’t require any cooking.



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