Saturday, 1 November 2014

Black Urad dal Rice(Karuppu Ulunthu Sadam)

Black urad dal rice is a simple and a healthy dish. The Urad Dal gives the rice texture, crunchiness and taste. The garlic is strong but not overwhelming. Just go with the same procedure for the skinless urad dal rice too. Whole Urad dal is also known as Black (Kali) Urad dal due to its whole black color. This black (Kali) Urad dal is one of the most frequently made dal at Punjabi homes. In those days, our granny’s used to give us lots of healthier foods which we now a day tend to avoid it.Many healthier foods are hidden now a days in this fast world track. Fine guys chill out all old memories and now we get on with our urad dal rice recipe.


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Prep time

Cook time


10 mins

20 mins

3 persons


Cuisine:  Indian (Rice Variety)







1. Roast the urad dal on a flat pan until fragrant and golden.Wait till nice aroma comes out. Wash it along with the rice.

Add water in a pressure cooker and add the washed rice,garlic, cumin seeds, methi seeds,grated coconut (optional), salt and roasted urad dal to the rice.



2. Cover with a lid and allow to remain for 10 mins. Mix it well and pressure cook for 3 whistles. Let the steam subside down and remove the lid and fluff the rice.



Served with

Ellu thogayal 

Kara Kulambu


  1. I have tasted this rice in my chilhood where as our neighbour use to share :D i feel bliss after tasting . its been long time :D and i should give a try

  2. healthy rice.should definitely give a try on this

  3. Healthy rice recipe.. the whole platter looks inviting..

  4. Fantastic rice ..Looks delicious

  5. this is new to me...but loving ur odea...healthy rice


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