Thursday, 9 October 2014

Sathu Maavu Urundai (Heath Mix Ladoo)–Navarathri Recipes(Day 9)

Nineth Day of Navarathri -Sathu Maavu Urundai(Health mix Ladoo)


This is a very healthy snack that can be prepared within a minute or two. When I was a kid, my grandmother used to make this for me using just the sprouted and roasted Ragi flour. But nowadays you get many health mix (Sathu maavu) readily available in the stores. The Health mix is basically a powder made from sprouted and roasted multi grains and nuts flavoured with cardamom. I generally use the Manna brand of Health mix which is readily available in powder form, from the Indian stores. Alternately you may also make the Health mix at home for which I shall post the recipe soon. These ladoos are very yummy to taste and its healthy too.Here we move onto the recipe


Prep time


20 mins

5 persons


Cuisine: South Indian (Kids Snack and Festive Sweet)





1. Dry roast the Heath mix powder separately in a kadai or pan and keep stirring till the raw smell goes off.




2. Dry roast the ragi flour in the same  pan after roasting the health mix.In a small pan,add ghee and roast the nuts.




3. Boil jaggery and karupatti with little water,filter it and pour the syrup to the health mix.With your hands crumble the nmisture.




 4. Take all the flours in the broad vessel and mix it with the ladle and pour the nuts along with the ghee.Crumble once again with your fingers.




5. Heat ghee and add them to the powder little by little and make small balls immediately.




6. Sathu maavu urundai is ready to taste.







Use only ghee for this recipe .For people who don’t like the taste of jaggery and karupatti,mix sugar and the sieved powder in a bowl along with honey.(Optional)


Ragi(finger millet) Poori