Sunday, 26 October 2014

Drumstick leaves(Murungai Ilai) Adai

Adai is my dad’s favorite tiffin. Always my mom used to used it when I was a kid. So now days I try to make this on every weekends. This adai is very tasty when you use some extra oil and cook it on low flame. This goes very well with sambar and chutney. I love to have it as it is because adai itself has red chilly in it. This also has coconut pieces which gives a nice crunch when you bite into it. This is a great way of sneaking drumstick leaves in the menu. Not only this taste good, but also it is protein and iron rich breakfast one of the best dosas I have ever made and tasted is Adai which is full of protein packed. Makes a very nutritious, filling breakfast for kids.




Prep time

Cook time


2 ½ hours

15 mins

3 persons


Cuisine:  South Indian (Tiffin)






1.Soak the rice and dal together with dry red chilly and fennel seeds for about 2 hours.



2. After 2 hours mix them well in a large mixing bowl and then add salt and hing to it.



3. Add the cleaned drumstick leaves and mix well. This batter needs no fermentation.


34. Heat a tawa and spread a ladle full of batter into a disc. Drizzle oil along the edges. Drizzle some more oil to the edges

45. Go on flipping at regular intervals until the adai is crispy.


6. After both sides are cooked remove it from tawa.



No need for fermentation

Some of them prefer to add methi seeds .It’s just optional.

Serve with

Coconut chutney,Peanut chutney,Drumstick Sambar,Aviyal


  1. delicious adai and this is my favorite too

  2. I want to cook Adai from a long long time.. But never getting a chance... Looks so tasty,

  3. love this murungai ilai adai.. so healthy and delicious..

  4. drumstick leaves are the best part shobu.. i miss this leaves a lot..

  5. Wow...... Looks delicious and yummm!

  6. delicious and yummy pics, great explanation too..


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