Wednesday, 19 November 2014


Chapati is a type of Indian flat bread popular among northern parts of India. This is a simple roti made with Whole wheat flour, salt, oil and water.

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Prep time

Cook time



15 mins

10 rotis


Cuisine:  Indian (flat bread)





1. Sieve the flour, add salt to it and mix well. Place the flour in a large bowl and add ¾ cup of water. Stir lightly with fingers in a circular motion till the flour start to gather. Add 1-2 tablespoons of more flour if the dough looks too sticky or add little more water if it looks too dry and firm.

2. Knead the flour until you have soft and pliable dough that does not stick to your fingers. You can put little oil on your hand while kneading the dough to help with kneading. Take one portion and roll out using a rolling pin to form a circular disc. Once ready to make chapatis, heat the griddle over medium-high heat.


3. Divide the dough into 10-12 equal-sized balls and start working with each ball separately. Place the bowl in dry flour and flatten it a bit with help of finger tips. Heat the tawa, preferably an iron griddle. (Medium flame should be fine) When it’s ready, toast one side of the chapati for roughly 3 seconds or until you see little bubble blisters bulging. Now flip to the other side and press gently with a paper towel. Do not press too hard, this will make the chapati hard.

4. Now, again flip to the other side adding few drops of oil. This should help them fluff up and immediately turn and remove from the griddle.


5. You may also add little ghee on top and have it right away. (Just optional). Repeat the process for rest of the dough,

6. Either finish them while hot or stack them after cooling and wrap with a paper towel and store in air-tight containers. Can be refrigerated for few days.


If keeping for longer period store the dough in refrigerator and make sure to bring it back to room temperature before using it.When reheating place them in a plate, cover with a damp paper towel and microwave for few seconds.

Served with

Aloo mattar,Carrot cucumber raita


  1. we always make chapathis with boiling water... looks delicious...

  2. I miss the Indian ata here.. we don't get good one.. I always have to mix maida.



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