Sunday, 6 October 2013

Red Pumpkin Payasam

Red Pumpkin payasam (Kheer)  is a different & easy to make. The specialty of this dish is that you will never feel the essence of pumpkin. If you love the taste of custard in butterscotch flavor, then you will surely love this dish. Today I prepared this tasty payasam for saraswathi pooja. I wanted to prepare the payasam which is very simple and fast. So here's the recipe.
Prep time       :20 mins             Cook time    :10 mins             Serves:2
Red pumpkin
1 ½ cups
Full cream milk
200 ml
Coconut milk( Optional)
100 ml
½ cup
8 nos
Grated badam
2 tbsp
10 nos
Cardamom pods
1 tbsp
1. Cook Pumpkin in adequate water in pressure cooker. Remove the excess water. Cool down the pumpkin pieces and mash it with your pu,pkin 2. In a heavy bottomed pan,heat ghee and roast the cashewnuts and raisins. Remove from the pan and keep aside.Now add the mashed pumpkin,sugar,cardamom powder and cook till sugar dissolves and consistency is achieved.
IMG_20131002_083553 3. Nicely mix all ingredients & heat the payasam for 5mins.Remove from heat and refrigerate it for few mins.Serve chill with coconut milk.Garnish the pumpkin payasam with  the roasted cashewnuts & raisins.
Adjust the sugar and coconut milk according to your tastes.You can also puree the pumpkin pieces  for this payasam.It tastes' good.
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