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Beetroot Paratha -Lunch Box recipes

This paratha recipe is quite healthy and can be a great addition to your breakfast recipes. Today we are going to make beetroot paratha. This recipe is very simple and you can make this in no timeThe lush red color is also eye pleasing and looks great in lunch boxes and tiffins.A tasty and easy paratha recipe made from Beetroot
It has lots of health benefits so we try to intake beetroot in different forms. . Just mix few ingredients in the wheat flour and the knead the dough and the paratha dough is ready.You can check out some more paratha recipes like Palak Paratha, Chapati and Tulsi paratha.Today’s recipe is colorful & healthy Beetroot Chapatti / roti. 
This option is packed full of nutrition and so happy my kid loved this colorful dish and it became her favorite too.
I have posted lots of beetroot recipes in my blog like Beetroot Halwa, Beetroot Pachadi,Beetroot Rice,Beetroot almond milkshake,Beetroot juice,Beetroot and chickpeas gravy and Beetroot poori.Give this a try & tell me how you liked it and now let’s get on with the recipe details.

Prep time
Cook time
15 mins
20 mins
2 persons

Cuisine: Indian
Recipe Type: Parathas

  • Grated beetroot -1 small sized
  • Wheat flour -2 cups
  • Cumin powder -1/2 tsp
  • Red chili powder -1/2 tsp
  • Green chili paste -1 tsp
  • Ghee -1 tsp
  • Salt

1. Wash and peel off the skin of beetroot. Grate it very finely. Take a mixing bowl and add the grated beetroot. Add cumin powder, salt, red chilly powder and ghee. Mix all the ingredients. Add whole wheat flour and knead to smooth dough. Sprinkle little water if needed and knead well.
2. Take a small portion of the chapatti dough Roll it using a rolling pin in to a small circle big enough to hold the filling. Place 1-2 tbsp. of the filling in the center. Join all ends together; remove any excess dough (if any) after joining the ends. 
3. Using some dry flour, roll the dough stuffed with filling using a rolling pin to get uniform & slightly thick paratha. Heat the pan to medium heat & once hot add the paratha on the pan. 
4. Roast it for about a min & then flip. While the other side is cooking, apply some butter/ghee to the top part of paratha. Flip again & let the side with butter cook. Repeat the same step with the other side too. Cook them on both side by drizzling oil to the sides. Enjoy the nice aroma and color of the roti’s. Repeat the above steps to make the remaining paratha's .Apply butter / ghee to the cooked chapatti (optional). It will give nice flavor. The delicious Beet Chapattis are ready to have. 

Served with 
Bhindi Raita 

It makes an awesome combo with any of your favorite chutneys, curries or raita.

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