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Oats Ven Pongal–Millet recipes

Today I am sharing with you a healthy, easy to make pongal made with oats.  I have made this pongal in the same way as we make normal ven pongal. Oats Venpongal is an easy to cook healthy recipe. Oats have become part of everyone’s diet especially for their nutritional benefits. Oats venpongal is like normal venpongal made with instant oats and split green gram instead of rice. Pongal is a south Indian rice and lentil dish often made in most homes.

Roasted oats are cooked with moong dal and seasoned with mild spices and ginger. It is a good source of vitamins, minerals, complex carbohydrates and antioxidants. Oats is gaining popularity with all its health benefits and it has a fast cooking texture.  It is said that oats is high in fiber and helps to lower cholesterol, reduce blood pressure. Let’s make this creamy, yummy Oats Venpongal and start our day with a healthy breakfast.

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Prep time

Cook time


15 mins

15  mins



Cuisine:  Indian

Recipe Type: Breakfast








1. Fry yellow moong dal until you get a nice aroma and are light golden brown in color. Add four cups of water and cook until the moong dal is cooked using pressure cooker. Heat ghee and oil in a thick bottomed pan or small pressure cooker. Add broken cashewnuts and fry until light golden in color and remove them from oil using a slotted spoon.


2. In the remaining oil, crackle mustard seeds, jeera and add slit green chilies, ginger and fry until they wilt. Add curry leaves, hing and fry slightly.Add the salt, oats and cook the oats on a medium heat for 5-7 mins. The oats fluffs up and becomes soft. Meantime, mash the cooked dal and keep it aside.


3. Add the mashed dal to the oats mixture and cook again for 5-7 mins until the oats is well blended and mushy.Add the fried cashew nuts and mix well. Season with all the tempering items and serve your oats Venn pongal hot. Serve some extra ghee on top

Serve with

Ginger pickle or ginger chutney or papad or hot curd chilies.

Sambar and coconut chutney as normal.





Do not keep it for long as the oats starts becoming sticky later.


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