Thursday 23 April 2015

Mamidikaya Pappu-Raw mango dal


Raw mango dal is one of the few delicious and easy dals which are prepared in Andhra. This dal has a very typical flavor because of the natural sourness of the mango and is complemented well when mixed with hot white rice with lots of ghee and some fry. Here goes the recipe of this simple and yummy dal. Mango dal is an eternal favorite in our house. I learnt making this dish from my mother-in-law. It’s a simple easy to make recipe and incorporates the flavors of a typical Andhra style dal recipe. Maximum flavor with minimum ingredients. That is the Andhra style mango dal for you.

Prep time

Cook time


5 mins

15 mins

2 persons


Cuisine: Indian

Recipe Type: Lunch (main dish)






1. Pressure cook toor dal and raw mango in different containers. . Add two cups of water to one cup of dal in pressure cooker and cook till done.  The toor dal should mash completely. . Pressure cook for 2 whistles. Open the pressure cooker after 15 minutes. Add hot water and cook for a few minutes, if the dal is very thick.

2. After the pressure cooker is done, add the cooked mango pieces to the dal and mash it properly. Add some water to the mixture and let the mixture come to a boil on stove.Add red chilli powder and salt to it and mix well.

3. Heat oil in a kadhai or a pan. When the oil is warm enough add mustard seeds, cumin seeds and allow to splutter. Add the broken red chilies allow to fry for a few seconds. Now add hing and turmeric. Next add the green chillies and curry leaves.

4. Add the tadka to the dal and mix well and cover the pan with the lid.The sourness of the mango, the heat from the chilli powder and chillies form a perfect flavour combination.

Served with

Hot rice and a dollop of ghee

Spicy Brinjal fry.


Add lots of garlic to the tadka, it will give very nice flavor to the dal.

Addition of green chilies are optional. I wanted it spicy so inserted 2 slited green chilies to this dal.


  1. wow this is new to me and this is lookign a crazy fan of raw mango and love everything with mango

  2. I love all kinds of dal, its my comfort food.. the raw mango will add a nice flavor to the dal, looks delicious.

  3. looks great! love mango based dishes..

  4. love this tangy dal..looks so yumm

  5. Lovely, flavour dal!! Addition of mango is nice!!

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  7. a new version of dal with mango.. Will definitely try..

  8. super tempting dal,really its my fav too.


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