Sunday, 17 August 2014

Rava Ladoos–Krishna Jayanthi Recipes

Rava Ladoo is a simple and easy festive Sweet. It is made with Semolina, cashews, and Ghee. Rava Laddu is an authentic Indian Sweet made during Occasions Such as Diwali, Krishna Jayanthi and Some Special took only 30 mins for preparation and it came out very well.The processes to make these are often long and tedious but the outcome always delicious.

From the initial stage of sautĂ©ing the cashew nuts and raisins until golden and juicy till inhaling the pleasant aroma oozing from the roasted semolina and cardamom powder - the whole experience of preparing these laddus is as enjoyable as savouring them. These ladoos are taught to me by my mother-in-law. I should say Thanks to her for making me learn to make these yummy ladoos in a proper way.Actually I could not take snaps of the ladoos .There was none nearby me at the time when I did ladoos to take pictures.Just follow the correct measurement of ingredients…Enjoy your festival feast.





Prep time

Cook time


10 mins

20 mins



Cuisine: South Indian (Festive Sweet)






1. Roast the semolina, on below medium heat, until light golden and aromatic. Keep stirring the semolina continuously while roasting it because otherwise it will get burnt at the bottom.

2. Heat 1 tbsp. of ghee and stir fry the cashews till golden brown. Keep aside. With the remaining ghee left in the pan, fry the raisins till they swell up. Take out from heat and mix together the fried rava (semolina), cashews & raisins




3. Grind the sugar to fine powder. Add powdered sugar and cardamom to the rava (semolina) mixture. Within few minutes, add the grated coconut and mix together so that everything is combined.

4. Take out the entire mixture in a broad basin for the formation of balls. Add milk little by little and keep mixing for few minutes.

5. If the mixture is little dry to make balls, add some ghee. If necessary, a little warm milk can also be added.

Rava Laddu is ready....Enjoy with your family,relatives  and friends.


You can keep in the fridge for crispy ladoos.

I generally keep at room temperature and can be stored for up to 2 weeks.


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