Friday, 15 August 2014

Pesarapappu Boorelu (Split Moong Dal Sweet Balls)

We prepare Pesara Boorelu or dishes made of moong dal as naivedhyam. I am posting another simple and easy alternate recipe that I had learnt from my friend. Boorelu, a delicious sweet is a sign of Joy, Happiness which is made in every household during the festive days.  Generally, the Pooranam is made out of Channa Dal or Moong Dal with Jaggery Syrup or Sugar Syrup.The end result will be awesome and yet tasty.




Prep time

Cook time

Sweet balls

1 hr

20 mins

15 boorelu


Cuisine: Indian, Andhra (Festive Sweet)



For the outer layer




Outer layer

Take the raw rice and soak for just 2 hours and grind to form a coarse paste or use store bought rice flour(which makes the work even more easier).Then add pinch of salt, sugar. Mix well. Cover and keep aside while we prepare the stuffing.

 Dal preparation

1. Take moong dal in a bowl of water for an hour. Grind the moong dal with very little water and make a paste. 


2. Grease Idli mold with ghee or oil.  Pour the batter in the mold and steam for 10 to 15 mins in a cooker.  Keep them aside. Take out the Poornam Idlies from the Moulds and blend in the mixer grinder.


Prepartion of the filling

1. Now take the jaggery in a thick bottomed vessel.  Add half cup of water.  Heat it.  When the jaggery melts, strain and heat it again. To it add the grounded moong dal powder and the grated coconut.  Also add a tea spoon of cardamom powder.  Mix well and cook until it thickens.


2. Cook for another 8-10 minutes stirring continuously till the mixture forms a ball. Turn off the flame, and allow to cool.Allow the mixture to cool and make lemon size balls.


3. When the stuffing is warm enough to handle, grease  your palms with little oil or ghee, and make balls

Frying in oil

1. Heat oil for deep fry in a pan.Now dip in the batter and slowly place them in the oil. Drop each ball gently into the oil and fry till golden brown in small batches. Drop 4 or 5 Boorelu into the oil and fry them till golden brown and drain them.


2. Finish the process with the remaining dough in the same way and arrange the Boorelu on a plate or bowl for Prasadam.Serve them hot.Tasty Pesara pappu boorelu now ready to fill our tummies.




You can store them for 3 to 4 days.  You need not refrigerate. 


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