Friday, 26 July 2013

Snake Gourd Pepper Thogayal

Thogayal is a south indiam condiment. A tonic for heart, rich in calcium, a natural helps stimulates the production of body fluids, reliving dryness. The Snake Gourd is a tropical vegetable of Indian origin and is known as  potlakaaya in Telugu, Pudalankaai in Tamil, paduvalakaayi in Kannada. It’s a highly nutritious vegetable and is widely used in South Indian cuisine. Snake gourd has anti-inflammatory properties, natural antibiotic, removes pus, expels toxic matter from the body and also relieves constipation.
Though sometimes, I feel too lazy and break my head to come up with something new but healthy too. Always I wonder whether my family is satisfied with the balanced diet getting the right nutrition. Its actually a spicy and tastes great with idli or dosa. Actually this pachadi I did not have any plan of doing it. Just for my son I did it, because it was time for him to come home. If you make for 2 servings please add more cups of snake gourd and capsicum. Adjust the spices according to your taste.I hope you will try this and let me know what you think…

Prep time    : 10 mins      Cook time     :10 mins           Serves    : 1
Cuisine :South Indian,Tamil Nadu recipes

Snake gourd
1 cup
Capsicum(Green pepper)
1 cup
Green chillies
Channa dal
1 tsp.
Jeera seeds
1 tsp.
1 small piece
Garlic cloves
To taste
To temper
1 tbsp.
Mustard seeds
1 tsp.
Urad dal
1 tsp.
1. Wash the snake gourd pieces and capsicum. Cut the snake into two, deseed and peel the skin properly.As usual keep all the ingredients ready beside you. 

2Heat 2 tbsp. of oil; add jeera seeds, channa dal,onion, and green chillies.Allow them to fry for a minute till the color is changed. Add snake gourd pieces and keep stirring till the veggie gets cooked properly.

3. Grind After 5 minutes,add capsicum.Stir fry for a while add then add little water.Wait for the veggie to cook.Grind everything along with tamarind, garlic and salt.Transfer this it a serving bowl. 

4. Heat oil in a pan, put mustard seeds, after they sizzle, add urad dal and curry leaves.Turn off the gas and add curry leaves. Pour the tempering into the chutney. Enjoy.Notes
Dry red chillies can addedat the time of tempering.
Dont take too much of tamarind piece or paste.It will become too much of sour. The whole thogayal will get spoiled.

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