Saturday, 27 July 2013

Corn Methi Paniyaram

Healthy and simple evening snack which goes well with some chilly or garlic sauce. It hardly takes few minutes to whip up the batter if you have makki ka atta.(corn meal flour).

Recipe Course :Breakfast, Snacks
Cuisine Indian

Prep time: 15 mins     Cook time: 10 mins            Serves: 6

Corn meal flour
1 ½ cup
1 cup
Baking soda
2 tsp.
3 no.
1 tbsp.
2 tbsp.
Salt & pepper
To taste
As needed
To temper
For cooking
Mustard seeds
1 tsp.
1 medium
Green chilies’(finely chopped)
1 no.
Carrot grated
2 tbsp
Methi leaves(finely chopped)
2 tbsp

Video link for Corn Methi Paniyaram:

1. Prepare all the items exactly to the leveled measurements because too much of water or too little water makes the paniyaram worse. Grate the carrot and chop the fenugreek leaves (methi leaves).Chop onions and cut the green chillies into two. Place it aside.Take 4 eggs with some yogurt and one cup of milk ready.

2. In abroad vessel, mix corn meal flour with little milk and baking soda. Whisk the egg properly with vinegar and yogurt. Mix everything with the prepared batter.Now add salt and pepper. Add few tablespoons of water to get a thick yet pourable batter.In a pan, after oil gets heated up, put mustard seeds, onions, green chilies’ and sautĂ© for sometime.

3. Add some grated carrots and chopped methi leaves. SautĂ© for 5 mins.

4.Pour the temper items into the broad vessel. Give a quick stir to mix evenly.Heat a paniyaram pan. Add two drops of oil in each hole. Pour a teaspoon and a half of the batter in each hole and cover it with a lid. 

5. The fire must be kept at low always while making this and must be switched off in between if it browns too quickly. Cook for a minute. Flip the balls and cover it again for another minute.

6. Serve immediately with chili sauce or coconut chutney.

  • Egg is not necessary. People who are vegetarian can avoid eggs.
  • You can add idli batter also.(optional).
  • Red chili powder can be replaced instead of green chilies.(basically I recommend when u prepare for kids)


  1. healthy paniyaram, love the addition of corn meal and methi in it...

  2. Looks terrific Shobana, Welcome to food blogging. Wishing you truck loads of luck and yummy food

  3. Thank You everyone for encouraging me. I am really happy to have all of you as my friends. As a starter, I s little scared to post. May be I can improve everything later on.

  4. Very different recipe compared to the usual panniyaram :) happy to follow u here, you have a lovely blog, congrats and welcome to blogging

  5. welcome to blogging world shoba dear and love to follow you.nice recipe and this is different from usual healthy too.keep going

  6. Thank you priya and ramya. Will share some new dishes.

  7. when did u start to blog,happy to follow u


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