Monday, 11 March 2019

Rose Milk Popsicle

Rose Milk Popsicle is an easy recipe good for summer. All kids like the color and taste. In some houses kids dont drink milk. So in order to make them drink or take milk we can make this recipe. They will love it.
We will have milk in the fridge all the time. So we can just add the syrup and can either drink it as rose milk or freeze it and eat it as Popsicle.

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Prep  time
Cooking time
30 mins
15 mins
4 persons

Recipe typeDessert varieties

Cuisine: South Indian

  • Boiled milk- 500
  • Rose syrup -50 ml
  • Sugar – ¼ cup


1. Blend milk and rose syrup with a whisk or blender.Fill it in the popsicle mould. Freeze it for some hours .

2. Defrost  the mould by keeping under  running tap water.You will get yummy rose milk popsicle.

Add rose syrup according to your taste
Freeze minimum 8 hours. 

Nutritional information
Vitamin A, D, calcium and cobalamin

Rose syrup
Vitamin A, C, and iron

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