Saturday, 12 July 2014

Sago Kheer Twist(A fusion Twist to the original one)

Today is my second guest post day.She is Ramya Venkateswaran who blogs at
I am so happy to have her recipe in my blog. She wanted to post her recipe for my blog anniversary. Such is such a lovely girl and I always consider her like my sister.She does lots of recipes and baking too of course in a very fantastic way.She participates in lots of events and enjoys her blogging.Her total inspiration is her mother and now her hubby for sure.He too very supportive for her and I am happy and wishing her all the best in the future.

Here My blogging sister Ramya talks about me and her twisted recipe.
Hi friends,
Today am here in my most lovable one’s home where she means a lot to me. We both came to know through Facebook and we were chatting through phone for past almost a year. She is for me like a sister. But if I say her madam, she will kill me from Bangalore itself. We talk about so many things like about blogging 101, cooking interesting combinations and beyond blogging too. She is the Mom of 2 kids and no can guess she is a Mom of two kids. I really excited to see her recipes with healthy scrumptious combos. I decided to do her guest post for her Blog Anniversary, so I selected this sago pudding recipe. This is yet a simple one but with a scoop of ice cream which tastes super yummy. I dedicate this scrumptious dessert to her blog Anniversary and wishing her many more to come.
Let’s move onto the recipe
This is the simple sabudhana kheer but I give a little twist to the recipe by adding ice-cream to hot kheer and this tastes super delicious while serving chill. Sabudhana or sago does not need to soak, cook in milk plus water combination and add sugar in last minute and then relish with the scoop of ice-cream. This is a fusion dessert where you can serve it in any serving method either in shot glass, parfait glass or in a bowl too. I served this yummy treat in a glass and here comes the method and preparation.

Serving:2 person
1.       Sago – ½ cup
2.      Milk- 1 cup
3.      Water-1/2 cup
4.      Sugar – 3 tablespoons
5.      Cardamom powder – 1 teaspoon
6.      Ghee – 1 tablespoon
7.      Ice cream – 1 scoop(any flavor)
·         Heat oil in the sauce pan and add sago and roast it in medium flame. Otherwise it will burn at bottom.
·         Add water to it and cook until it enlarges and transparent. Then add a cup of milk to it and cook until the water evaporates and it will get thick a bit.
·         Add cardamom powder and add mix well. Switch off the flame and cool until it came to room temperature.
·         Then transfer it to serving vessel. I used glass so I filled quarter with kheer and then topped with ice-cream.
·         Serve chill for better results.

You did not need condensed milk in the recipe as the sago itself a thickening agent so there is no need to add it. You can also replace regular sugar with palm sugar.


  1. sago kheer looks yumm & loved the lovely twist ...

  2. Love that beautiful twist, excellent kheer there..beautiful guest post by Ramya.

    1. Yes..All thanks to ramya for a scoop of ice cream in that kheer

    2. Thanks shobs for posting dear 😊hugs dear

  3. that's an awesome guest post...

  4. lovely kheer and love the idea of adding ice cream

  5. Delicious kheer with icecream.......lovely combo !!


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