Thursday, 24 July 2014

Oats Sweet Pongal–Aadi Velli Recipes

I am feeling happy to be invited by Ramya Venkateswaran. This is the first time in my blogging field I am posting my recipe in some one’s space.
Such is such a lovely girl and I always consider her like my sister.She does lots of recipes and baking too of course in a very fantastic way.She participates in lots of events and enjoys her blogging. No need to say more about her as everyone in blogging knows this.
Try this healthy and quick version of sweet pongal using Oats. It is tasty and you get the nutritional benefits of whole grains too. I thought of posting a festive sweet recipe for Aadi velli. So here goes the traditional sweet recipe in a different way. So I replaced the rice with Oats. It’s a quick fix, healthy meal. I tried the sweet pongal (chakkarai pongal) using quick cooking oats and told me that it tasted very good.

Cuisine :South Indian Festive Sweet

It’s a nice and healthy change from the regular white rice pongal. I will post the savory oats pongal recipe too here shortly for the benefit of those who have not tried it so far. Try making pongal with oats and I’m sure you will enjoy it.

Please Visit her space at for the detailed version of Oats Sweet pongal….
Catch you guys with my next post soon.


Ragi(finger millet) Poori