Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Idli Recipe

Idly is the traditional breakfast of south Indian people. This is the first solid food usually given to the recovering sick persons. It is easily digest able too. In my parent’s home this is the favorite breakfast. After coming to my husband’s house, I have learnt the correct method of making soft idlis. By practice I was able to make perfect soft idlis with idly rice.
The batter must be mixed with the required salt in correct consistency. Usually the ratio differs when you use mixie because the jar heats up faster ,the quantity of rice is used is lesser .I prefer using wet grinder for getting nice idli’s and am using it till now. The quality of rice and dhal and soaking time is important parts of idly making.

Prep time: 12 hours (includes soaking and grinding)
Cook time: 10 mins

Cuisine: South Indian (Breakfast),Tamil Nadu recipes


1. Soak for four hours then grind dhal first and then the rice. Grind to a smooth paste.
2. Add salt, beat the batter with hand to required consistency. Ferment the dough for 8 hrs. minimum.
3. Stir the batter lightly and now you are ready to go for steaming. Now softest idlis are ready to be served.
The batter can be put in the fridge without adding salt and we can add salt when we keep outside for fermentation.
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  1. Idly looks soft and spongy ...... Love the platter !

  2. getting idlis right is quite difficult as far as i am concerned... looks so delicious...

  3. My all timr fav idly .. looks very soft.. kushpoo idly?


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