Thursday, 8 May 2014

Mango Lassi

Traditionally, lassi is a yoghurt-based chilled drink.This is a very nice and fresh drink.This drink is such a refreshing drink to have in our hot climate. Lassi has lot of health benefits.
Mango Lassi is one of the most popular beverages in Northern India. It’s also a favourite at Indian restaurants.The beverage is prepared using yogurt which is sour fermented form of milk. Yogurt cools the stomach and helps disperse body heat.

Prep Time:20 mins 
Cuisine: North Indian
·         Ripe mango  -2 cups
·         Yogurt  – 1 ½ cups
·         Milk  -1/4 cup
·         Honey  -2 tbsp(or more)
·         Cardamom pd -3/4 tsp
·         Lime juice -1 tsp
·         Salt -1 tsp
·         Few ice cubes
·         Mango slices-garnishing(optional)
·         Pista flakes -garnishing

 1. Blend together the mango, yogurt, milk, ice cubes and salt until smooth. Taste, and adjust with honey and cardamom powder.
2. If your mango is particularly fibrous, strain the lassi through a fine-mesh strainer; otherwise, pour into a glass, and sprinkle with cardamom if using.
3. I added a little bit of lime & salt to give some extra flavor.

4. Pour in glasses and serve, decorate with some mango slices and sprinkle chopped pistachios.


  1. oh... so tempting... please pass on one cup over here...

  2. must try recipe for mango cum curd base lover.

  3. looks refreshing and delicious!

  4. Yummy and refreshing lassi....... Love it!

  5. Mango lassi looks delicious Shobana I need that glass

    1. Hey Swathi...Long time dear.Of course yes,Rafzz was asking one glass and I will give you the other glass.Hope my other friends are not angry with me.I have lots in my jar to share with my other friends.


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