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Kabuli Channa (Chole) Murukku

Murukku is an easy and crispy snack prepared with rice flour .You can prepare this murukku for Diwali. I made this murukku with Kabuli channa .Its otherwise called as Chole. In Tamil, it’s called as kondakadalai.Murukku is South Indian Deepavali snack. But savoured in all times as a snack due to its excellent flavor and crispy taste. This is one of the melt in the mouth kind of murukku and a great tea time snack. Try and enjoy it.

Prep time: 30 mins     |Cook time:30 min
Cuisine: Indian(Festive Snack)

Kabuli channa(Chole)
¾ cup (before soaking)
Kabuli Channa
1 cup (after grinding)
Rice flour
2 cups
Sesame seeds
1  tbsp.
2  tsp
Unsalted Butter
3 tbsp.
2 tbsp.
To taste`
As needed
1. Soak the Kabuli channa(chole) overnight for 6- 8 hours. Drain the water and dispose it. Then grind to a fine paste .Check out for any hard particles. If some channa’s are not ground properly, place it aside.Sieve  the rice flour 2 times and add  to the bowl along with the ground Kabuli channa paste.Add salt,sesame seeds and hing in the prepared mixture.Melt the butter and add it to the dry ingredients and mix well. Boil 2 cups of water and keep aside.kabuli channa2. Pour the hot water little by little and stir constantly and mix. Till the dough consistency is reached.Use murukku maker, place in a lump of dough and pipe out the patterns, forming circles. Sho3. Heat oil under medium high heat. Drop a pinch of dough. If the dough rises immediately to the top, the oil is heated well. Fry until the sound ceases (The sshh sound ceases when all the moisture is absorbed) Use sufficient quantity of oil to submerge all frying murukkus without touching each other. Repeat with the rest of the dough.kd 34. Deep fry them over medium flame to slightly golden brown. Use paper towel to remove excess oil. After murukku is cool down store in an airtight container. Usually for this quantity we'll get 12-15 murukku.kc55. Store in an air tight container. Enjoy crispy and tasty homemade Kabuli channa (chole) murukku. Everyone at your home will love it. IMG_20131222_124630
Butter is must ingredient in this recipe since it helps the murukku to stay crispy for long. You need to wait till bubbles stop to make sure Murukku is well cooked. The dough has to be in a correct consistency, should not be sticky or too hard.
You can also use 3 star murukku mould instead of 1 star mould. Do not add more butter coz  the murukku will break .Chilli powder is optional.
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  1. dats a different murukku.. havent even thought murukku can be made with channa... good one.. :)

    1. yes laxmi..I tried this kabuli channa murukku which was a big hit at home.

  2. This is a very different murukku recipe! Love it ...

  3. lovely murukkus... love the shape...

  4. That is a healthy Murukku. happy to follow u. if u get time visit my blog too.

    1. Lovely to see you in my space.Wil surely visit your space within a short while.

  5. Thanks for sharing this recipe. Actually I was searching for murukku recipe. It looks so tasty

    1. Yes Resna..will upload lot of murukku recipes later on dear.its been 6 months of bloging I have somehow loaded lots of healthy recipes.

  6. should try this lovely murukku do visit my blog


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