Thursday, 15 August 2013

Horse gram Paruppu Podi

Horse gram which is called kollu in Tamil .it is said to be very warm so it’s really good podi for winter season. Kollu (horse gram) Paruppu podi, easy to prepare with less ingredients, can have with hot rice topped with hot ghee r else simply with hot rice good for health n very useful while dieting. Can also add while making curries with any sort of vegetables. I have heard ,my mom say that horse gram should be used very judiciously in summer but can be eaten in winter in which ever form we like.Horse gram Paruppu Podi  is our family favorite podi. This horse gram paruppu podi is known for its spice levels and flavor. This podi can be mixed to the white rice with ghee or oil and can go well with appalam. , recently I had this podi in my friend’s house. Started carving and decided to make some at home.


Prep time      : 5mins      Cook time    : 10 mins



Kollu(horse gram)

1 cup

Toor dal

½  cup

Green gram  dal

½ cup


¼ cup

Dry red chillies

5 no’s


5 no’s

Jeera seeds

1 tbsp.

Curry leaves


Garlic peeled skin



¼ tsp.


To taste


1. Dry fry all the dals and horse gram separately until they turn golden brown. Mix well.Dry roast in simmer red chillies, peppercorns, jeera seeds and Hing (asafoetica powder), keep aside.horse12. Add the roasted spice mixture to the dal when it’s still hot. Mix everything properly and keep aside to cool. Add salt to the mixturehorse2horse33. Fry curry leaves and garlic skin separately in the kadai so that it will get dried up and crispier too. Once everything cools grind it to a fine powder.horse44. Serve it with steamed white rice and hot ghee.


Mix with some curd or oil and serve with dosa.

Some variations include adding dry fried curry leaves to the powder.

Use can also use yellow moong da instead of green gram dal.


  1. Nice podi.......


  2. Try this podi ramya as you were been asking on that day. It will be little bit bitter, add ghee or sesame oil.

  3. That's a really novel paruppu podi Shobana.. Sounds interesting. will try it sometime.


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