Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Healthy Porridge

Mom used to prepare Ragi Milk. I will post what I know the best I would love to see what all can be prepared from this healthy grain. The mentioned Porridge was a summer special drink Finger-millet or ragi is widely grown in arid areas of Asia and Africa. Finger millet can be ground and cooked into cakes, puddings or porridge. It is a storehouse of protein, calcium and fiber. Ragi flour is made into flatbreads. Ragi grain is malted and the grains are ground.I was in a hurry to do this because of my daughter crying.So please dont mind for the step wise pictures.Try the recipe according to the given requirements…


Prep time     :10 mins          Cook time     :20 min           Serves: 2



Ragi (finger millet)flour

¼ cup

Cold Water

½ cup


½ cup


½ cup

Almonds & cashews (paste)

¼ cup

Walnut powder

2 tbsp.

Cardamom powder



1. Take a bowl, add ragi flour and slowly pour the cold water in order to avoid the lumps. Make it in the form of a paste.In a vessel, bring the milk and water to boil. Add the ragi paste slowly to the boiling milk. Once the color changes to transparent brown add sugar and stir it.

2. In the meantime, prepare the  nuts mixture. Soak the almonds in hot water and Peel off the skin. Paste it like how to you prepare for badam milk. Take handful of walnuts and blend it properly. It should be in powder form. Store it in an air tight box.

3. Take 3 tbsp. of walnut powder and mix with the almond paste. Boil for 3 min and add almond cashew paste, walnut powder and cardamom powder. Cook on low flame for few minutes. The mixture thickens.


You can use more ragi powder or milk to alter the consistency of the paste as you like.


  1. healthy porridge....love the flavour

    1. Thank you Shama.I made this for my daughter.She loves like anything.

  2. Healthy and filling porridge aks... Love the sweet version...

    1. Yes Viji.Especially for kids,if you add more flavor and nuts ...it will be healthy and filling.

  3. these kind of foods r gud 4 kids specially...never used ragi flour til nw..vl next time ven i get...;)


Ragi(finger millet) Poori