Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Black Plum (Jamun /Nawab) Juice

Today I have prepared a little write up about the gorgeous purple Jambul berry.In fact while chewing on a Jambul you will precept acidic flavours. Every single berry has a surprise of its own, some are pick sweet, some are as mentioned more sour then anything else. That has to do a lots with the plucking time of the fruits and even the tree growing site and nutritional value of the soil. I love sour fruits so the berries taste is fitting to my character and taste buds, but sometimes I have to admit it is toooo sour. The seeds of jamun are dried and ground to a powder, strained and consumed in small quantities with water every day to regulate blood sugar levels. The leaves of jamun are said to be natural antibiotic in nature. The seeds are left to dry in the sun first and then are pulverized in the Ayurvedic medicine to treat diabetes. Apparently even other parts of the tree such as leaves and barks are used in the traditional medicine. Kids by the way love it, not only because of the taste but mostly because the purpleness colors the tongue blue
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Prep time
Cooking time
10 mins
        10 mins
2 persons

Recipe type:  Beverages
Cuisine: Indian

  • Black Jamun -10 no’s
  • Lime juice -1tsp
  • Sugar -2 tsp
  • Salt –pinch
  • Mint leaves –few sprigs(optional)
  • Water -2 cups
1. Wash the black jamuns and deseed them.

2. Add black jamun, lime juice, sugar and salt in a mixie and blend it well. Add water and again blend in the mixie for few seconds.

3. Pour the juice in the glass. Garnish with mint leaves. Add ice cubes and serve chill.

Jamun seed powder is also used to help in clearing skin blemishes left by acne and blackheads.  



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