Monday, 4 July 2016

Happy 3rd Year Blogiversary

It was my blog anniversary yesterday folks! I honestly can’t believe I have been doing blogging for 3 years. When I first started blogging back in July 4th, 2013, I made a decision to try lots of new recipes.Looking back, the last 3 years of my blogging adventure was fun and amazing. Each blog anniversary is a huge milestone for me and quite special and meant a lot to me personally. I’m incredibly thankful that you’re on this journey with me.  I’ve met many cool bloggers that became my dear friends, and along the way we’ve had to learn a lot about blogging, photography, videography, WordPress, technology, and food. I love taking pictures & capturing moments of our adventures & misadventures -memories that will last them a lifetime, but I didn’t have the patience to scrapbook. So the next best thing was to upload photos online.
I hadn’t got a clue what I was doing when I first started writing my blog, in fact there were several months delay from when I first thought of keeping an on-line diary to actually publishing it. I would recommend blogging even if you just want to post very infrequently but still want to keep in touch with on-line friends. Let's see - I met a lot of amazing blogger friends this past year and have been pretty active with them. Times flies when you are having fun....  and these past 3 years have flown by.  

From my first post to this one, I'm very appreciative of those who stop by and follow along.  I'm not a big blogger. I'm just constantly on the lookout for new recipes to know - so many recipes, so little time. You have certainly kept this blog smiling!

 The different paths we take through our writing and photography.  Taking risks occasionally, but doing what we feel is comfortable. Each year on my blog’s anniversary, I have a look back on how far I’ve come, and share my most popular and noteworthy blog posts. It’s a good way for me to keep a record of how my blog is advancing and to share interesting posts people may have missed who are new to my blog.

So you never miss another post, consider subscribing to my blog. In the right hand side bar, there is a spot for you to enter your email in the “Subscribe by Email” box. I hope to share many yummy and delicious recipes with you for years to come.Thank you for letting me shares my recipes and making my life more meaningful every day.


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