Friday, 1 May 2015

Mixed Vegetable Mushroom Curry

A lovely day with my recipe in Maha’s Space.Maha, a lovely person in heart and very open typee.Her blog contains many Andhra recipes and love those spice in it .She was the first guest post in my blog. Everyone in my family liked her Sesame Prawns which was her recipe in my blog. I do love lots of her recipes. I like most of her baking and rice recipes. She is very active and an awesome lady who does blogging and simultaneously enjoying life with her family.

Vegetable Mushroom is a rich dish which is packed with nutritious stuffs mushroom and these vegetable brings sharp taste with some onions, ginger paste, garlic, tomatoes gives an amazing flavour.Wanted to cook mushrooms in different way from the regular gravy or dry subji. So tried first time a vegetarian preparation in my way.


It turned out rich, full of heady flavors.Mushrooms rarely made an appearance at meal time during my childhood years so I don’t even remember how and when I started liking them. There was this white puffy vegetable that had hit the vegetable market and no one cared about it for a while.
They say it’s a kind of fungi – could be poisonous, the rumor went viral. I still remember how small button mushrooms were cooked with just shelled, sweet tasting winter peas and gently simmered in a tomato base.Please  check the link for the detailed recipe in Maha’s Space and don’t forget to go through many of her wonderful recipes.
Thank you Maha for this opportunity to be in your space.Happy Blogging to all


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