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Carrot Kuzhi paniyaram(Savory)


Spicy Indian dumplings made from dosa batter is always a favorite breakfast recipe.The dosa batter is itself made up of lentils and ric which is spiced with different condiments and veggies to make this spiced up crispy treats.This recipe tastes good when it is paired withkara chutney.Paniyaram is one of the tasty item of tiffin recipes. This is the famous South Indian traditional special recipe.This would be the healthy choice of breakfast for infants and adults

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Prep time

Cook time


10 mins

20 mins

2 persons


Cuisine: South Indian

Recipe Type: Breakfast



·       Idli batter -1 cup

·        Onion -1 medium chopped

·        Green chilli -1 no

·       Carrot -1 large grated

·        Coriander leaves –few sprigs

·        Ginger –1” and hing –pinch



·        Oil- 1 tsp

·        Mustard seeds -1/2 tsp

·        Bengal gram -1 tbsp

·        Curry leaves –few




1. In a pan, heat oil. Add mustard seeds, bengal gram and curry leaves for tempering. Add the chopped onions and saute until onions are tender. Now add the grated carrot, green chilli, ginger and give a quick stir. Switch off the flame.Pour it on the batter and mix together.12. Heat the paniyaram pan. Add a drop of oil in each hole. Gently pour the batter in each hole and cover the pan.When the edges turn brown, flip paniyaram on the other side. Cook until both the sides turn brown . 23. You can also prick a hole in toothpick. If it comes out clean then it is cooked.Heat the paniyaram pan and add drops of oil evenly in all space. 34. Add about 1 spoon of batter in all holes. let it cook for 2 minutes.


5. Transfer all the balls to a bowl and serve hot either plain or chutney of your choice.

6. Flip the other side and allow to cook for about another 2 minutes.Enjoy your paniyaram.


Served with

Onion garlic chutney

Tomato chutney

Kara chutney



  • I used left over dosa batter in this recipe. If the dosa batter is old, you can add a pinch of sodium-bi-carbonate (soda)
  • Do everything in low heat. It may take a little while but that is the only way to get whole fluffy paniyaram.


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  1. Addition of grated carrot sounds very interesting. Love these paniyarams for breakfast or as a quick snack.

  2. kuzhi paniyaram ebbadi irundhaalum i love it.. with veggies makes more yumm

  3. Carrot paniyaram looks tasty .Perfectly made...

  4. Cute & healthy carrot paniyarams look delicious, Shoba ....



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