Saturday, 6 December 2014

Guava&Banana Custard

Kids love to have dessert after school hours.So just plan for something energetic and tasty.You'll love the creamy deliciousness of my Banana and Guava Custard.This is a fairly simple dessert that my friend mom used to surprise us.I still have fond memories of having this dessert at my friend place. As a child, I think this was one of my favorite desserts. It is so simple to make, yet tastes divine. This dessert is served refrigerated, so it’s lovely for the summer months when you need to take an edge off the heat.

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Prep time

Cook time


10 mins

5 mins

3 persons


Cuisine: Indian

Recipe Type: Dessert







1. Mix the custard powder and the sugar with the cold milk. Place on a medium flame, stirring continuously till it has thickened. Cool and refrigerate.




2. Wash and cut the guavas in half. Cut off the brown parts near where the stem appears. The ripe guavas are delicious even by themselves.Chop all the bananas into small pieces.Take a bowl and put everything into it.




3. Then pour the chilled custard powder over the mixture. Throw some handful of raisins and pistachios in to the mixture. Stir nicely and serve to kids. After a heavy or spicy meal, this custard with be heavenly.

Enjoy your day.


Eating fruit only when it's ripe is super important for us healthy eaters because only then are the flavors and the vitamins are retained.Unripe bananas taste and smell starchy, have little flavor and are hard to peel. Ripe bananas smell and taste sweet and they peel easily.


  1. Looks so pleasing and smooth. .delightful

  2. wow.. looks nice.. never tried with guava..will try ..

  3. Superb, custards are my fav..And this guavas pink color, is awesome..

  4. beautiful combo :) must be very yummy

  5. Lovely combo dear.. Never tried custard with guava.. Yumm yumm



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