Thursday, 5 December 2013

Andhra Style-Kandi Podi/Paruppu Podi

Kandi podi is otherwise called as Paruppu podi. It tastes absolutely delicious. Many of my friends (including those who are not from Andhra) have tasted this powder/podi and were happy about the outcome. For me it will be handy when I am tired or sick or not in a mood to cook. I got this recipe from my Andhra friend. I loved it so much because of the garlic flavor, so thought of sharing it here. Today let us learn the Andhra style of making Paruppu podi using this easy recipe.
 Prep time                    : 20 mins|Grinding time           : 5 mins|Storage                       : One month
Toor dal
1 cup
Split yellow moong dal
½ cup
Channa dal
½ cup
¼ tsp.
Red chillies
10-15 no’s
Garlic pods
6-7 no’s
Rock salt
To taste
Cumin seeds
½ tbsp.
Curry leaves

1. Dry roast toor dal in medium flame, till it turns golden brown. Dry roast other dals like channa dal and split moong dal one by one till it changes its color.kandi podi1 2. Fry red chillies separately and keep aside now lastly fry cumin seeds and garlic cloves and transfer it to the dal plate.kandi23. Same way roast the curry leaves and keep aside. Let it cool for 10 mins. Then grind everything together coarsely with hing and salt.kandi34. Add all the ingredients into mixer and make powder. Store it in air tight container. It is usually mixed with hot rice and a generous dollop of ghee.kandi 55.  Andhra spicy paruppu podi is ready to serve.IMG_20131206_075919 Notes
Black pepper can also be added. But see to that you check for spiciness coz I have added lots of red chillies. This podi is very delicious with hot steamed rice and ghee.
You can prepare this podi without toor dal also. Use just fried gram and reduce the number of chillies and garlic.
Do not over roast or burn the spices. Roast on low flame only.
Curry leaves have to be washed and dried in the shade for a couple of hours before roasting them on low flame.



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