Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Peanut Delight–Navarathri Recipes(Day 4)

Fourth day of Navarathri –Peanut Delight

Peanut laddos are always favorite in my house. It is good for your health and its increases the Hemoglobin level. Mostly this is offered to God as prasadam and in many villages it’s done only during festivals. First I was confused with Kadalai urundai which we normally do for Karthigai Deepam Festival. It is very easy to make and all the ingredients are always available at home. Traditional Ladoos will be always a good for a festive season.


Prep time

Cook time


20 mins

10 mins

4 persons


Cuisine:  South Indian (Festive Sweet) 





1. Dry roast the groundnuts in a kadhai while stirring continuously for about 10 minutes till they get spots on them.Remove it in a plate and wait till it gets cool down.


2. Remove the outer skin by rubbing them in between your palms and then clean them.In a blender pulse them for 3 timesTake jaggery in a bowl with little water and when it starts boiling, strain the impurities and again keep it back in the stove.


3. No need to check for consistency.Add the peanut powder to this boiling jaggery syrup along with cardamom powder and nuts.Mix everything properly and remove from the fire.


4. Make small size balls and arrange it on a plate greased with ghee.


5. Here a quick version of peanut ladoo is ready.


It will be a bit hard coz we have used jaggery.


Ragi(finger millet) Poori