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Hi Friends,

I will just take a moment to introduce you to my space, “Shoba’s Delight.” I am Shobana (an architect) from Bangalore. I am a daughter, wife, daughter in law and mother of naughty son and a sweet little angel. Like others I was not very much passionate about cooking before marriage. I love to experiment on new dishes, as I don’t like always the regular stuffs. I love making my traditional family recipes.

I have created this website to record and showcase the recipes which had successfully experimented in my kitchen. I love to prepare other cuisine dishes.I don’t consider myself an expert; this blog contains all tested and tried recipes.It is my belief" learning never ends". Most of these recipes arefrom my mom and in laws.
Every day, I would experiment one from them. Some turned out really horrible. I got the guidance from my mom-in-law. I learned a lot many things from her. Some of the recipes are traditional ones inherited from mom. Some are adapted from TV shows and cookery books. Of Course, I have made my own variations to suit my needs. Cooking was a necessity and I never thought it would be my passion later .Most women of my generation, start cooking after getting married. There are different flavors of in each and every cuisine.I am open to all kinds of cooking.

Its was just a hobby for me at the beginning and later it becama a passion for food. My love for food, especially home cooked meals also has shades of local flavors and aromas. The recipes are simple and helps you in daily basis.
Hope u enjoy spending time in my space and am sure if u try my recipes u will definitely luv it. 
Thanks for stoppingby. Please feel free to send any suggestions to shobana.vijayvs@gmail.com




  1. That`s really nice 2 knw bat u dear..all d best:)

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog Shobhna. You also have nice recipes. Keep in touch.

  3. Hi Shobana,
    I found ur blog :) was going through ur recipes what a great collection u have esp for vratham recipes Amla rice looks really yummy.
    Will come by soon.
    Keep in touch

  4. Great Collection of Recipes :) A good blog to note .. Most of the recipes are new to me :)

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