Friday, 24 November 2017

Lauki Carrot Juice -Detox Drink

The Lauki Juice is the best early morning drink to help detox. You can consume bottle gourd in juice form. Bottle gourd is an excellent food with loads of nutritional value. Drinking bottle gourd juice with salt keeps one refreshed and cool during summer. . It has several other names in India and around the world -ghiya, doodhi, lauki, white gourd, bottle squash, calabash gourd etc. When carrots are cooked, all the nutrients are lost. Start with a little fat and a little liquid, along with whatever seasonings you choose… Lauki carrot juice is an especially nice liquid to begin with, because the reducing process concentrates both its sweetness and its acidity. (A little lemon juice at the end adds the perfect balance.) .The secret is in the carrots and are sweeter than other varieties and really balance out the earthiness of the bottle gourd while the ginger adds a hint of spice. 

Bottle gourd provides good amount of both soluble and insoluble fibre and water. It is very helpful during summers and specially those who work under the hot sun as it has the ability to prevent heat strokes and recovers the water lost due to perspiration. Bottle gourd is also beneficial in conditions like jaundice and inflammation of kidneys.This recipe is a powerhouse of antioxidants, high fiber, and great anti-inflammatory food. It’s not only nutritious but also delicious. This stuck me up to make this juice recipe with 2 ingredients. Try this new juicing recipe "Lauki - Carrot Juice" made from fresh veggies such as carrots, lauki and ginger.

Prep  time
Blending time
15 mins
10 mins
2 persons

Recipe type:  Drinks

Cuisine:  Indian cuisine

  • Bottle gourd (lauki) peeled and diced  -1 no
  • Carrots -2 no’s
  • Ginger -1 “
  • Apple -2 slices
  • Coriander leaves -few sprigs
  • Sesame Oil -1 tsp
  • Honey -2 tbsp.
  • Salt -1 tsp
  • Lemon juice -1 tsp

1. Take a bottle gourd, wash it thoroughly and peel the outer cover. Scoop out the seeds parts from the center of the gourd.Cut the remaining pulpy part of Bottle gourd in to pieces. Now take carrot and chop into small pieces and cut two slices of apple and keep aside.Pluck few coriander leaves and take seasame oil in a bowl mixed with salt.

2. Sesame oil when mixed with bottle gourd juice helps to cure problems of insomnia. Blend all the ingredients until smooth, adding some water to make a fine consistency. Remove the juice and strain it in a strainer. Adjust the salt and consume as soon as possible.

You can use a juicer to extract the juice from the carrots and gourd, but the pulp value is lost and you will have to use a lot more of the gourd and carrot to get the desired quantity.

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