Monday, 16 October 2017

Launch of Toys ‘R’ Us and Babies ‘R’ Us in Bangalore

Lovely launch at the global retail brand Toys“R”Us® in the Indian market in Bangalore. The first Toys“R”Us® store has opened at Phoenix Market City, Bangalore and was inaugurated by quite some of them. 

The entry to the mall was amazing and attractive by all the kids and adults too. This brand has launched the store in two formats - Toys“R”Us® which is the world's leading toy store and Babies “R”Us. Featuring its iconic mascot Geoffrey the Giraffe is loved by all kids and adults.My kids danced with the giraffe(person disguised himself as Giraffe) and enjoyed their day.Represented by cartoon mascot Geoffrey the Giraffe Toys "R" Us experienced expansion as a chain, becoming predominant in its niche field of toy retail

They have arranged for an exclusive launch of the store for select invitees for key media and bloggers.

I should say Thanks to the team who had sent me an invite. Look at the rush at the counter section and you can see how many parents were getting bags of toys for their kids.

My family enjoyed the day and there were quite a lot of activities in front of Toy"R"us like magical shows, painting faces and dancing games etc.

India’s the fastest growing market for toys retail which offers a full range of toys which  will sell everything from action figure to dolls, books, role play kits, remote-controlled cars, blasters, plush, wheel goods, bikes, ride-on etc. 

The store will stock a large variety of soft toys ranging from a teddy bear to bunny to a talking lamb.The variety of book attracted my kids a lot and she got three of her favorite books.

Toys“R”Us® Inc. is the world’s leading dedicated toy and baby products retailer, offering a differentiated shopping experience through its family of brands. It is known as the toy authority for generations of parents and children alike.The principle of quality, value and selection and realized that success in the toy business meant focusing on the everyday shopper. With a strong portfolio of e commerce sites, the company provides shoppers with a broad online selection of distinctive toys and baby products. 

My daughter was in the girls section admiring all the girly stuffs,picking out hairpins and Sofia watches.There was a huge Elsa and Anna figures where all girls were taking clicks,gigging and enjoying. The retailer’s stores are special for children, who would rather be promised a trip to Toy ‘R’ Us than any other store.

Babies “R”Us is the quintessential stop for new and expectant moms and young parents and offers a full range of products like diapers, food, wipes and almost everything a parent needs to nurture infants. 

The store will also stock baby goods like bedding, travel and safety, baby gear, infant care and also has curated apparel for babies.  

The mom-and-pop neighborhood toy shops are more like a fairy tale.The specialty toy market represents their brand in a way that other people whereas  others cannot. 

Children can also get a wide range of sports toys like basketball equipment, boxing equipment and gear, youth football equipment and so on. Apart from play and sports toys, kids can find educational toys, art and craft, books, games and puzzles in their learning category section.

I think toy stores have an advantage to stores on your phone or computer. The selection of toys at this play store range from more modern toys like Star Wars Lego . whether it’s books or Legos or board games. is a maze of displays and play spaces.There’s a Lego section and a designated areas for costumes, puzzles,independent toy stores are seeing a revival as parents — and their children — look for unique shopping experiences that stand out at a time when so many of their shopping habits have been reduced to impersonal clicks of a button.

While adults may be inclined to compare prices or shop from their living rooms, children would rather take their allowances and birthday money to a store that allows them to play and explore. There are a whole lot of toys out there that not only help keep a child engaged, but also help in developing creativity, out-of-the-box thinking and decision making, aid eye-hand co-ordination, and help in the development of motor skills.


Toys’R’Us and Babies’R’Us plans to open more stores in India in the near future, at Chennai, Delhi and Mumbai.Some toys are general based and others are categorized into boys and girls based.

My kids got few books and toys which I like to share with you. Atlast We  walked out the door, my kids holding hands, carrying  a  bag of toys.Your kids will love if you take them to such toy store and have fun.

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  1. Hey, I was there at the launch too! Didn't know you were attending too. :)



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