Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Mango Nungu Milkshake

Palm fruit, also known as Nungu or Ice-apple, is lovely jelly like fruit available during hot summers in India. Nungu also known as Palm fruit is a refreshing treat for us in hot summers since it is a seasoned fruit. It will be a delicious summer drink when it is taken as a Milkshake
I am very happy to share many yummy recipes with you all and this summer I am introducing a new milkshake which tastes yummy and delicious with mango. May month Shhhh Cooking Secretly Challenge, I am paired with Amrita Iyer, a lovely and a super cool lady. She loves to try lot of other cuisine recipes which is really awesome. This month we have a base ingredient “Mango” which is compulsory and I have decided to do “Mango Nungu Milkshake” because my partner Amrita Iyer gave me two yummy ingredient “Nungu” and “Coconut milk”.
Nungu has many many health benefits and is rich in Vitamin A, B and C, Iron Zinc, Phosphorous, Potassium and lots more. It’s the best coolant for summer and beat the heat with this recipe. The recipe is very easy and quick to make and is very delicious. The mango flavor along with the bits of nungu makes the recipe delicious and rich.Mangos are a fruit I buy pretty often in my house. They are super sweet, soft and best of all my son loves to eat them. Some other fruits may go bad in our house, but never a mango. Fortunately, some variety of mangos are available year round, so we never have to wait for them to come in season. They are packed with vitamins and nutrients too. No introduction of Coconut milk as everyone knows about its health benefits.
We love to eat this tender fruit. This summer I tried milk shake and we all loved it. You can also try and enjoy. The essence of nungu with the coconut milk gives an added flavor to the Milkshake. Let me share this cool cool summer drink to all my readers. It is the juiciest fruit of the palm tree. A super summer treat. There is another way of enjoying the ‘nungu’ which is by making a yummy milkshake with it.I should be thankful for Priya Suresh and Mayuri Patel for getting to know such a yummy milkshake.

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Prep time
Cook time
15 mins
20 mins
4 serves

Recipe Type: Milkshake varieties
  • Palm fruit/Nungu/Ice apple -5  no’s
  • Ripe mangoes – 1 no
  • Coconut milk -4  cups
  • Sugar -4 spoons
  • Vanilla ice cream -1 big scoop
  • Chocolate shavings -1 tbsp. (garnish)

1. Peel the outer skin of Nungu and chop into small pieces. Now blend the mango, nungu, sugar in a puree form. 
2. After that add the thick coconut milk to the fruit mask. Blend once again till it attains the Milkshake consistency. Check for sugar. 
3. Give a pulse of 30 more sec in the blender so the fruit jelly & milk mix evenly. Keep in refrigerator for half an hour and serve chilled.
4. Pour into tall glasses and garnish with chocolate shavings. Enjoy your milkshake with your family.

  • The skin comes out easy if you refrigerate for some time.
  • Some people consume the skin which is supposed to be the healthiest way if you can take the bitter taste.
  • Not to add badam/pista toppings which will make the milkshake lose its original earthy flavour.
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  1. A lovely vegan drink Shobana. This year I have come across so many recipes from fellow bloggers using palm fruit. Got to taste it next time I am in India.

  2. Perfect summer drink..love the combo of mango and palm fruit in a drink



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