Monday, 4 May 2015

Roasted Cumin(Jeera) Seed Powder

Cumin(Jeera) seed is a staple in Indian food. Roasted cumin seed powder is one of those things a kitchen should never be without. It is roasted and ground and sprinkled over raitas, salads, parathas and chaats.You can get roasted ground cumin powder in the market but it does not hold the flavor of fresh roasted cumin powder made at home. Roasted cumin powder lasts for weeks but it tastes most aromatic when it is fresh. I usually prepare this in small batches and finish it off within ten days. It’s not available in local grocery store and making toasted/roasted cumin seeds at home is super easy. Here is a quick way you can make roasted cumin powder

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Prep time

Cook time

Storage days


10 mins

10 days


Cuisine: North Indian

Recipe Type: Masala powders






Place the seeds in a skillet and roast over a low-medium flame. Don’t forget to keep constantly stirring/tossing, till the seeds are nicely browned and start to crackle and splutter. Take it off the heat and cool it down. Using a pestle or mortor, simply pound it. Again, the powder will be a little coarse. This is a good thing; the texture makes the flavor pop! Store in an airtight jar.

Served with

Drinks like Aam ka Panna and Jaljeera.






The cumin powder that is commercially available is usually of un-roasted cumin.

For the roasted version, it's best to make it in small batches since the aroma dissipates over time.



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