Monday, 28 August 2017

Brown Rice Idli

Brown rice is a source of many beneficial nutrients, including fiber, magnesium, zinc and vitamin B-6. White rice, which is refined brown rice, has smaller amounts of these nutrients than whole-grain brown rice. I made idli  with brown rice along with idly rice and it came out well. Idlis are an indispensable part of a typical South Indian breakfast menu No pre-planning, soaking, etc. and still we get to eat idlis whenever we want..

I still love idlis made the regular way. I have used the whole ingredients and brown rice to make a healthy Brown idli.... Wow! Was so happy and could not wait for the next day to gobble the idlis. And as you can see, they came out really well and we enjoyed it dipping into the chutney... Fiber rich food leading to weight loss, Rich in Selenium which reduces the risk of colon cancer, Reduces risk of metabolic syndrome. So we have to make in lesser quantities & keep it for one day. 

Prep time
Cooking time
4 hours
20 mins
Depends on individual

Cuisine: Indian
Recipe Category: breakfast varieties

  • Brown rice -2 cups
  • Idli rice -1 cup
  • Urad dal -1/2 cup
  • Aval /poha -1/4 cup
  • Methi seeds -1/2 tsp
  • Salt -little


1. Wash the brown rice 2-3 times to remove the impurities.Soak the brown rice and whole urad separately for 5 to 6 hours. Now drain the water and grind them in the grinder adding salt & water Add water in regular intervals.

2.Grind brown rice with little water coarsely first.. Add washed  poha to this mixture and grind till it forms a paste of consistency just short of smooth. Mix both the batters well adding salt with hands to kick start fermentation.. 

3. Keep in a warm place for 8 hours or overnight. While making idlis, grease the idli molds with little oil and fill it with the batter..

4. Steam for 15 to 20 mins or till the surface of the idlis look cooked. Allow it to cool.. Remove the idlis using a knife or spoon..
Serving suggestions
Serve hot with chutney or sambar. 

Do not make the batter too thick or too thin. The consistency should be like our usual idli batter.

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