Sunday, 8 May 2016

Carrot Thogayal

Thogayal is a kind of thick condiment made in Tamil nadu often eaten with steamed rice. You can also eat it as side dish with dosa/idly also. Carrot is a nutrition rich vegetable. This thick chutney/thogayal is a good replacement for other usual chutneys. When I am really in short of time I make this along with papad and it is a hit combo. The color, flavor, consistency - all were so perfect that I couldn't help but just dig into it with a spoon. If you want full meals, make one rasam along with this and you are good to go.Yes, you can use this recipe as a rice mix, as a side for roti/flatbread (or) with any south-Indian breakfast items. You can even use it as a spread in sandwich. This is a great recipe that you can share with & surprise your family and friends.

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Prep time
Cook time
10 mins
10 mins
3 serves

Cuisine: Indian
Recipe Type: Thogayal Varieties

  • Chopped carrots -2 large
  • Urad dal- 1 tsp
  • Channa dal -3 tsp
  • Grated ginger -1 tsp
  • Tamarind – amla size
  • Red chilies -2 no’s
  • Grated coconut -2 tbsp.
  • Sesame oil -2 tbsp.
  • Mustard seeds -1 tsp
  • Cumin seeds -1 tsp
  • Hing –pinch
  • Curry leaves –few sprigs

1. Pour oil in a kadai, add the chana dal and after a few seconds, the urad dal.When the dals turn light brown add tamarind and red chillies.
2. After the chillies puff up and turn bright red add chopped carrots. Toss and cook covered until carrots are tender followed by coconut and tamarind. Cool the cooked vegetable and grind with salt to taste.
3. Heat the remaining oil in the kadhai and sputter the mustard in it.Add curry leaves and a pinch of hing and sizzle it over the thogayalCarrot thogayal is now ready to eat :)
 Served with
this tastes great when some pieces of carrots are there. Do not grind to very smooth paste.
Sometimes I add one tomato and avoid tamarind.
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  1. What a yummy carrot thoyagal. Love that beautiful color.

  2. Oh I do remember using carrots for a chutney that we all love..this seems to be a good choice to have..

  3. That thogayal has a beautiful color & looks delicious on your plate with idli & sambhar :)



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