Friday, 14 August 2015

Masoor Ki Dal (Red lentil)

Masoor Dal (Red lentil) gets cooked so fast and it tastes great when made as dal. I tried this Masoor dal, starting off with simple south Indian dal recipe using tomatoes and red chilies.
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Prep time
Cook time
10 mins
10 mins
2 persons

Cuisine:  North Indian
Recipe Type: Side dish for roti and rice


1. Cook the Masoor dal upto 4 whistles in the pressure cooker.
2. In a kadai, leave two spoons of oil, when it gets heated, add cumin seeds, when it crack's, add the Garlic slices, curry leaves and the slited green chilies, sauté them and add the tomato slices and fry them.
4. Now add salt, turmeric powder, a pinch and mix. Add the mashed masoor dal to it and add enough water for the consistency.Garnish it with coriander leaves. It goes well with chapatti and Hot Rice.
IMG_20150730_1105562505. Adjust if needed and cook without the lid till the water dries up completely.
The color of the dal is in pink and orange mixed colour.but when cooked it just looked like our normal split yellow moong dal.Add garam masala powder for better results.

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